Disruptive Marketing: Opportunity or Threat for Urban Transport

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Disruptive Marketing: Opportunity or Threat for Urban Transport

The marketing has the power to enable the company to influence its customer by the offerings and value. The company designs its existing products or services and differentiates in the market and uses Disruptive Marketing. The opportunity of disruptive marketing lies in the hands of marketer but on the other side, this poses threat from the competitors. The technologies like Drone and 3D modeling will lead to disruptive trends in Indian Transport.

The consumers drive the market and not the business. The market is driven by the competition and the distinctness of a product creates the differential advantage. Emerging technologies can reshape urban transport. The Company, who knows how to customize as per the customer needs, takes the lead role in the market and others follow them.  The need of transporting goods in an urban environment has taken a faster role. Substantial investments are being made for developing a good public transport infrastructure.

The Delhi Metro has seen fast rising patronage levels for comfortable and safe public transport systems. The disruptive marketing offers the benefit for being simple, convenient and less expensive products appeal to new customers. Delhi Metro has reshaped the India Urban Transport by its lead role and performance.

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In fact, disruption is a business model and not just a marketing approach. The companies market through traditional means and provide plenty of opportunities for rival companies to disrupt current messages. The company’s product or service innovation and attention towards consumers may lead to its success. The development of the product is the initial stage, the design thinking approach has dominated the market space where marketers need to be innovative and disruptive. The artificial intelligence is soon going to be part of Marketing 4.0. The future of Marketing where the technology like Chatbot and Predictive analytics will be used by artificial intelligence and performance will become competitive. The marketer if wants to be successful require having future thinking and design thinking approach.

There are two objectives of a disruptive company- the first is to design the product according to the emerging market and other is to re-shape an existing product or service.  The marketing team designs an advertising campaign with innovation and design thinking which challenges the existing market. There are ways to use disruptive marketing. The first is to target the customers who have needs not fulfilled by the existing marketers. The second is to target consumer who doesn't need all features at the high end of the market. For example, the inclusion of security feature in transport system is the disruptive innovations in urban transport.

Successful disruptive marketing needs a long-term commitment and focuses on the company's business model. The focus of urban transportation is on passengers as cities are viewed as locations of the human interactions with intricate traffic patterns linked to commuting, commercial transactions and leisure and cultural activities.  The digitalization of public transportation information is known as disruptive innovation.


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