Indian Railways plans to introduce 10 new bullet train routes

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Indian Railways plans to introduce 10 new bullet train routes

New Delhi (Urban Transport News): Indian Railways is working on a comprehensive expansion plan of bullet train projects in India. With more than doubling freight capacity, 10 new corridors of about 6,000 km length are being considered for high-speed rail projects in the country. Indian Railways has also sent a proposal to the Central Cabinet. In this proposal, the Feasibility study for 10 potential bullet train corridors and approval for preparation of a detailed project has been sought. These ten new corridors high-speed rail corridors are -

  • Delhi-Mumbai High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Delhi-Kolkata High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Delhi-Amritsar High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Delhi-Varanasi High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Delhi-Bhopal High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Delhi-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Nagpur-Mumbai High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Patna-Kolkata High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Chennai-Bengaluru High-Speed Rail Corridor
  • Chennai Mysore High-Speed Rail Corridor

Sources said that implementation of these projects will take 10 years, of which around 10 lakh crores investment will be required. At present, only one high-speed rail corridor is being run on Mumbai-Ahmedabad. Earlier the Uran Transport News has reported about the Railways's plan to identify new routes for high-speed rail in India. According to the plans, the immediate focus of the railways is to connect a 17,000-kilometer long network to the existing 1.2 lakh km long rail network, which will invest more than Rs 5 lakh crores and its funding will be from the debt besides the budget.

There is also a plan to triple the railway track parallel to the Golden Quadrilateral so that traffic can be reduced on the roads. In addition, three new freight corridors have been discussed on the lines of Delhi-Mumbai and Amritsar-Kolkata DFC. Proposals have been mentioned in the proposal for funding from these multilateral agencies like World Bank, GICA and Asian Development Bank.

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