Schneider Electric paves the way for an efficient and sustainable Metro Systems in India

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Schneider Electric paves the way for an efficient and sustainable Metro Systems in India

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and automation, stressed on the need to build a sustainable and reliable metro infrastructure in India in an expert session during Innovation Summit 2021.

The company also highlighted how their IoT enabled solution- EcoStruxure for Rail ensures complete integration of metro systems for planning shorter transfer paths, reducing wait times, improve navigability and increase circulation efficiencies thereby ensuring last mile connectivity while also reducing CO2 emissions. 

The environmental footprint of metro rail segment is impacted by energy consumption, with direct implications to operational costs and overall exposure to fluctuations in energy supply and prices. The energy consumption in the Indian metro contributes to 25-30% of total operating costs. It includes running of trains and other and non-traction purposes such as lifts, escalators, air-conditioning of underground stations and lighting of stations. By adopting digital technologies, the carbon emissions from metro rail infrastructure could be managed effectively while reducing expenses, thereby paving the way for technologically advanced and environmentally friendly metro systems in the country.

Speaking at a session around ‘Smart Metro Rail Infrastructure- The Genesis of Digitisation, Efficiency & Sustainability’, Ashutosh Shukla, Director- Transportation & Mobility, Schneider Electric India said:

To build a reliable and sustainable metro rail infrastructure in the country, it is necessary to ensure that systems operations are carried out in an efficient manner. Digitization in the metro can pave the way for creating an efficient, reliable and flexible transport system that meets growing passenger traffic demands. EcoStruxure™ for Rail solution aims to significantly improve operational efficiency, sustainability, asset performance, feasibility data, and employee productivity. This solution is targeted towards providing real-time awareness breaking silos, resulting in safe, comfortable, on-time operations, and effective passenger services into the Indian market.

“Digitization also helps to address the challenges of Mega Infrastructure projects such as time delays, cost overruns, quality & safety. This is done by adding value to become cost effective & less time consuming while ensuring high standards of quality and safety during the lifecycle of a complex infrastructure project,” he added.


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