3rd Urban Infra Business Summit 2023

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3rd Urban Infra Business Summit 2023

The Urban Infra Communication in association with leading industry players and media platforms announces the date of its flagship event Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023. The 3rd edition of Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023 will be hosted on 7th December 2023 at India International Centre, New Delhi, India.

The Urban Infra Business Summit is an event that focuses on discussing and exploring various aspects of urban infrastructure development and investment opportunities. It brings together industry experts, policymakers, investors, urban planners, and other stakeholders to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration in the field of urban infrastructure.

The summit typically features panel discussions, keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, and networking sessions. It covers a wide range of topics related to urban infrastructure, including railways, metros, transportation, smart cities, energy, transit & mobility, housing, climate change, sustainable development, and financing mechanisms.

Key objectives of the Urban Infra Business Summit may include:

1. Knowledge Sharing: The summit provides a platform for experts to share insights, best practices, and innovative approaches in urban infrastructure development. Participants can learn from successful case studies, research findings, and practical experiences.

2. Investment Opportunities: The summit showcases investment opportunities in urban infrastructure projects. It highlights upcoming projects, government initiatives, and potential areas for private sector participation. Investors and financiers can explore avenues for collaboration and funding.

3. Policy and Regulatory Discussions: The summit facilitates discussions on policy frameworks, regulatory reforms, and governance practices related to urban infrastructure. Policymakers can engage with industry experts and stakeholders to identify challenges, explore solutions, and formulate strategies for effective infrastructure development.

4. Networking and Collaboration: The summit provides a networking platform for professionals, industry players, and government officials to build connections, forge partnerships, and foster collaboration. It enables participants to explore joint ventures, share expertise, and identify potential business opportunities.

5. Technology and Innovation: The summit highlights the role of technology and innovation in urban infrastructure development. It showcases innovative solutions, digital advancements, and smart city technologies that can improve the efficiency, sustainability, and quality of urban infrastructure.

6. Capacity Building: The summit may include workshops, training sessions, and capacity-building programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants. It equips professionals with the tools and information needed to plan, implement, and manage urban infrastructure projects effectively.

The Urban Infra Business Summit serves as a platform to drive discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborations that contribute to the development of sustainable and inclusive urban infrastructure in the host country or region. It plays a crucial role in promoting investment, fostering innovation, and addressing the challenges faced in urban infrastructure development.

Keynote speakers and guest speakers have been invited from the nodal ministries, Govt. departments, PSUs, Think Tanks, R&D bodies and leading private players to discuss on the summit agenda. More than 300 leaders are expected to witness the event.