What You Must Know About Auto Transport Insurance

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What You Must Know About Auto Transport Insurance

A vehicle is the second most expensive asset after a home. We invest a lot of money in buying the perfect vehicle of our choice. It is obvious that we buy insurance to safeguard this asset from risks and threats like thefts, accidents and more. Sadly, not many of us realize that as important as it is to protect our assets from such damages, it is equally important to safeguard the vehicle from the thefts that may happen when the vehicle is loaded on a truck for auto transport.

As per the USA's best local movers associated with iMoving, a moving service platform, most people do not realize how important auto transport insurance is. These experts state that many rogue moving companies can play tricks on the customers by designing a contract that helps them get rid of any responsibility for the damage caused to a vehicle during the transport if any. It is therefore advised to check the car shipping company’s policy related to the auto transport process before you engage one of them. In this post, we have highlighted some key aspects that you must look at while finding a car shipping company:

Check the proof of insurance

The law mandates car shipping companies to procure a valid insurance certificate. The company must be in a position that when the proof is demanded by the customer or any other party, they must be able to produce it. It is very important that you check the proof of insurance with the company and also ask questions about their existing policy. You must know whether or not the company covers any damages to the car during the transportation process. Also, ask if they cover the entire car or just a part of it.

Get everything in black and white

It is very important that whatever the company provides under its auto transport services is mentioned in the contract in writing. A written contract will ensure that you and your vehicle are safe in case any untoward incident happens.

Cross-check with the Auto Insurance Company

It is common knowledge that depending upon the insurance policy and its terms and conditions your car insurance company will cover the damages. However, this isn’t as normal as it sounds and you must always cross-check with your car insurance company. Make sure you know if the same coverage terms are applicable to an auto transport process and if you have to send the insurance company with a special intimation regarding the transportation process.

Make sure your car is prepared for auto transport

Most of the car insurance policies do not provide any coverage for internal damage. It is important that you ensure that there is no risk to the interior of the car. Make sure you take out all the loose items inside the car to prevent damage. Such removable items include electronics, extra change, CDs or cassettes, or any type of food item. Moreover, if there is no item inside the car, the risk of theft and break-ins also gets minimized.

Pre-Possession Inspection

A reputed car transport company will check the car for any pre-existing damage before they take the car in possession. This inspection is very thorough and is done to evaluate the condition of the car at the time of possession. As the company makes its own records, you must also take pictures of the car to have your own set of records of the car’s condition when you gave it in.

The bill of Lading

The bill of Lading is a very crucial document which is filled by the owner when the car is delivered to them by the moving company. The Bill of Lading is a document that states the condition of the vehicle when it is delivered to the customer. It is really important that you check the vehicle’s condition inside and outside to check for any damages. You must also check the condition of the engine and start it once to see if there is any mechanical damage. It is important that you must check the car for any damage because if the vehicle is delivered and you missed out on identifying the damage, the company will not take responsibility.

Filing a complaint

If in case you feel that the auto transport company did not offer you services as expected and you need to report it, you can reach out to your local Better Business Bureau office and lodge a complaint. Transporting a vehicle can be tough. You can always drive the vehicle when it is a local move but in case of an interstate or cross-country move, you will need a credible mover to handle your moving requirements. As soon as you are ready with your moving inventory, get your moving truck loaded, and let the best mover take care of your auto transportation requirements.

For more information about auto transport insurance requirements, you can go through a helpful article from A-1 Auto Transport.

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