Guest Post Guidelines

Great to have you here; Urban Transport News is now welcoming submissions from Guest Writers! See how you can become a part of our elite writers' community.

  • - Not to re-post anything that has been posted elsewhere on the internet.
  • - Avoid publicizing your brand, product or service within your guest post as promotional posts are chargeable as per our standard advertising rates.
  • - 1 relevant yet informative anchor text link within the main body of your guest post.
  • - Short author bio (150-200 characters with spaces) with one anchor text link. (no affiliate links)

Content Elements

  • - 350–750 words with no error/fluff
  • - Use short paragraphs for the introduction.
  • - The content needs to be great, detailed and unique.
  • - Use copyright/royalty-free images 600×400 px (size)

Preferred Topics

  • - Public Transport, Metro & Urban Rail Transit
  • - High-Speed Rail, Rapid Rail
  • - Road Transit Systems (BRTS, Shared Mobility, Electric Vehicle)
  • - Parking and Traffic Issues and Solutions
  • - Pods, Cable Cars, and Metrino
  • - Water Transit (Water Taxi, Water Metro)
  • - Urban Air Mobility, Air Taxi
  • - Hyperloop Transportation Technology
  • - Transport Infrastructure in Smart Cities
  • - Urban Mobility Challenges & Solutions
  • - AI, IoT, Blockchain, Supply chain in Transport Infrastructure
  • - Electric Mobility & Charging Infrastructure
  • - Passenger Safety, Traffic and Smart Ticketing
  • - Science, Technology & Innovation in Transportation
  • - Opinion, Interview of Industry Leaders
  • - Future of Mobility (Low Corban/Zero Emission Technology)
  • - Automobile Sectors

Rates for promotional/link-building guest posts

With permanent link

  • - USD50: for link building in existing posts/pages only
  • - USD100: for the guest posts up to 500 words
  • - USD150: for the guest posts between 501 and 1000 words

Writing Charge

  • USD25 per 100 words.
Special discounts are available for regular paid guest post contributors.

Please note that we don't accept content containing/promoting gambling, casino, CBD Oil, or sexual or adult materials.

How to Submit?

Please email your guest post to with the following:

  • Completed post in MS Word Doc.
  • Image files (with attribution) in a separate folder.
  • Don’t forget to mention the ‘Guest Post Request‘ in your email subject line.
  • If your post meets our publishing standards, we will respond to tell you that your article will be published. The procedure may take up to 3-5 days.

Things to keep in mind

  • Articles for our Urban Transport Infrastructure Journal (ISSN 2581-8023) should have a journalistic approach, and be written in language simple enough to be comprehensible to a simple graduate school student, with enough research and insight to be interesting to a research person.
  • It is the responsibility of the writer to verify, before submitting the article, the veracity of all facts and statements claimed in the story.
  • It is also their responsibility to ensure the correct spelling of all proper names, place names, foreign spellings (with accents) and addresses.
  • Urban Transport News will not cover any expenses other than those specifically stipulated in our contract with the journalist or photographer.
  • Generally, we are likely to favour articles or stories that stake out strong positions, feature compelling characters, tell an untold story, and propose concrete solutions to pressing problems.
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