Rail Infra & Mobility Business Virtual Exhibition

The Rail, Infra & Mobility Business Mega Virtual Exhibition is designed to cater to the marketing & business promotion needs of Industry and it works in the same way that a live exhibition does – except that the visitors can visit at any time, from anywhere. The hall and all the stands will be rendered out to real physical dimensions. So when the show opens on 15th December 2020, visitors will be able to navigate through the Exhibition Hall and visit a virtual representation of your stand, complete with 3D products.

Salient Features

  • - Open to visitors 24x7 throughout the 365 days in a year.
  • - No other exhibition allows you to reach thousands of unique visitors 365 days a year. 
  • - Share the experience with some of the world’s biggest industrial brands
  • - See the latest products and identify industry trends
  • - No other digital marketing platform shares the personal touch or interactivity of a virtual exhibition.
  • - Join a wide range of visitors to the show from around the world
  • - Exhibitors can launch their newest product or service to a huge audience
  • - Stand content can be kept up-to-date at no cost

Benefits to Visitors

As a visitor to the preview show, you’re able to visit many of our exhibitors’ virtual stands and access a wealth of content including videos, technical documents, and product brochures. If you visit the right stands you’ll even find the option to chat with the marketing team of exhibitors and a lot of information that you can have delivered to your address. You can browse the show by clicking on the stands you see in the hall, or by selecting the company on the exhibitors' list.

When the show launches officially visitors will have access to a greater level of freedom to explore the exhibition hall and new features will be available including an intuitive search interface, browsing history, and user profiles.

Benefits to Exhibitors

Exhibitors can populate their stands with a range of interactive content that visitors can explore and download. An intuitive search interface and an interactive floor plan ensure that the show is easy to navigate and the best content is always found first.

Visitors will be free to navigate the hall to see all the brands that are exhibiting, however, they will need to register to visit the stands and access content. Once registered they will be free to visit your stand, save their favorite pdfs and videos, and even collect promotional items that you want to offer.

Current Show

At present no virtual show is running on our digital exhibition platform.

Next Exhibition/Show

Urban Rail and Equipment Business 2021 (Mega Virtual Show)

Key Information

  • - Online Registration Starts: 1st December 2020 (For Exhibitors & Sponsors)
  • - Exhibition Start Date: 1st February 2021
  • - Exhibition End Date: 15th March 2021
  • - Duration: 1.5 months
  • - Exhibition Platform: Online

Exhibition Package

Exhibitor Category Domestic (Indian) International
Complete Package INR 50,000 USD 800
Monthly Package - -
  • - Corporate Video - 1 No
  • - Features to add Company Logo and Product Images on the Digital Booth
  • - Product Brochures/Presentation Papers - up to 10 Nos
  • - Enquiry Submission via E-mail (Contact Form)
  • - Features to add Company's website and social media pages link
  • - Large Digital Banners - 2 Nos
  • - Features to add VCards - 5 Nos.
  • - Features to Video and Audio Chat between Visitors, Buyers and Exhibitors

Sponsorship Package

  • - Domestic (Indian) Sponsor: INR 100,000
  • - International Sponsor: USD 1500
  • - Corporate Logo on all pages with a hyperlink to the website
  • - One digital banner (size 400x400) on the event website
  • - One Full-page advertisement in January and March issues of Urban Transport Infrastructure Journal
  • - Logo visibility on all promotional material (print and digital)
  • - One Digital Booth (for the full duration)
Please use the below form to register online as Exhibitor/Sponsor:-


For further details, please contact to:

Mr. Vinod Shah | Event Coordinator | Mob. +91-9716454505 | E-mail: bizdev@urbantransportnews.com