Urban Infra Group committed to change the landscape of Urban Infrastructure industry: Mamta Shah

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Urban Infra Group committed to change the landscape of Urban Infrastructure industry: Mamta Shah

Mrs. Mamta Shah stands as a renowned urban transport journalist who currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer & Managing Editor at Urban Infra Group Publications. Her role encompasses providing visionary leadership in both business and technology domains, overseeing content review and development, shaping market direction, and devising strategic approaches to enhance the company’s overall performance.
At the helm, she guides two esteemed B2B news portals, namely Metro Rail Today & Urban Transport News, and also steers the direction of magazines - Metro Rail Today & Urban Transport Infrastructure - as Group Managing Editor. Through her adept and dynamic leadership, Urban Infra Group publications have extended their reach to more than 205 countries, amassing a readership of 25 million. These news portals and magazines have solidified their status as trusted sources of information, garnering recognition from industry leaders, planning bodies, research and development institutions, financial establishments, and even Wikipedia.
Her enduring dedication lies in aiding both local and global clients, along with Fortune 500 companies, in harnessing the digital and print media offerings of Urban Infra Group. These resources serve as pivotal tools for strategic differentiation, effective brand management, and innovative product development.
Recently commemorating its 5th anniversary, Urban Infra Group has achieved a noteworthy milestone in the PR & Media industry. On the occasion of 6th Foundation day of Urban Infra Group, Mrs. Shah has articulated her vision and forthcoming strategies for the future of Urban Infra Group:

Congratulations on reaching the 5th anniversary milestone, Urban Infra Group. Could you provide an overview of Urban Infra Group and its main objectives?

Thank you for the congratulations! Urban Infra Group is a prominent player in the Public Relations (PR) and Media industry, offering comprehensive communication solutions to a diverse clientele. Established in 2018, the company has grown exponentially over the years, delivering outstanding results and driving positive change for its clients. With a team of talented professionals and a client-centric approach, Urban Infra Group continues to set new benchmarks in the PR and media landscape.

In what ways does Urban Infra Group contribute to the advancement of industrial growth in India?

Urban Infra Group plays a pivotal role in India's industrial growth by forging collaborations among government bodies, private enterprises, and innovators, fostering an environment of shared expertise and innovation, ultimately propelling the urban infrastructure sector forward.

Could you elaborate on the diverse fields of services that Urban Infra Group is actively engaged in, contributing to its mission and impact?

Urban Infra Group encompasses a spectrum of services including event management, market research reports, and publications of magazines/journals such as "Metro Rail Today" and "Urban Transport Infrastructure," along with other periodicals.

Could you highlight the key features that distinguish "Metro Rail Today" and "Urban Transport Infrastructure" publications, setting them apart in their respective domains?

"Metro Rail Today" and "Urban Transport Infrastructure" publications stand out for their insightful coverage of the dynamic urban infrastructure landscape. They offer comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge research, and in-depth articles, serving as essential resources for industry professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders. These publications contribute to informed decision-making, facilitate knowledge exchange, and provide a platform for thought leadership, thereby enriching the discourse on metro rail and urban transport systems.

Could you elaborate on how Urban Infra Group leverages digital technologies to advance its mission and enhance its services within the urban infrastructure sector?

Urban Infra Group employs a spectrum of digital technologies to enhance its impact. This includes digital magazines and a real-time news portal that delivers timely updates. Our mobile apps, Urban Transport News and Metro Rail Today, provide on-the-go access to industry insights. Furthermore, we leverage digital platforms to efficiently disseminate reports to pertinent beneficiaries and sectors, streamlining information flow and bolstering engagement.

Could you outline the diverse methods through which Urban Infra Group engages and interacts with its audience, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating active participation within the urban infrastructure sector?

Urban Infra Group employs a multifaceted approach to engage its audience, cultivating vibrant connections within the urban infrastructure arena. Through informative seminars, interactive workshops, and webinars, we promote knowledge exchange and foster dialogue among industry stakeholders. Additionally, our digital presence is bolstered by engaging social media campaigns, where we share insights, updates, and thought-provoking content. The publication of specialized magazines and journals further nurtures discourse, while our mobile apps ensure convenient access to real-time information. These dynamic methods collectively empower our audience to actively participate, contribute, and stay abreast of the latest developments in urban infrastructure.

As Urban Infra Group marks five years of achievements, could you highlight some notable milestones from this period? Additionally, what is the envisioned trajectory and key objectives for the organization over the next five years?

Achievements over the past five years have propelled Urban Infra Group to a global readership of 25 million, establishing strong affiliations with leading Indian and international corporations. Looking ahead, our vision for the next five years aspires to secure a position among the top 10 media houses on a global scale. This journey will entail not only the expansion of our influence but also the establishment of Urban Infra Group's presence in diverse countries, solidifying our impact on an international level.
Looking ahead, our vision for the next five years aspires to secure a position among the top 10 media houses on a global scale.

Could you elaborate on the primary sectors of focus and engagement that define the core work of Urban Infra Group within the realm of urban infrastructure?

Key Sectors that define Urban Infra Group's core work include Urban Transport, Road Transport, Rail & Metro, EPC & Construction, Electric Mobility, Aviation & Airports, as well as Shipping & Waterways.

How has the Urban Infra Group been impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on its business operations and engagements within the urban infrastructure sector?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth unprecedented challenges, significantly impacting Urban Infra Group's business operations and engagements within the urban infrastructure sector. As lockdowns and restrictions took hold, in-person events, workshops, and collaborations were disrupted, necessitating a swift transition to virtual platforms. Despite these obstacles, we swiftly adapted by leveraging digital tools to maintain industry connections, sustain knowledge sharing, and continue facilitating vital discussions. This period underscored our resilience and commitment to ensuring the continuity of meaningful engagement and valuable insights within the urban infrastructure landscape.

What message you would like to convey to future generations regarding the significance of sustainable urban infrastructure and its role in shaping thriving communities?

My message to young women entrepreneurs is clear: Embrace the boundless potential of sustainable urban infrastructure. Your innovation and drive have the power to shape thriving communities, while your unique perspective can usher in a more inclusive and prosperous urban future. Seize the opportunities within this dynamic sector and lead the way towards a sustainable and impactful legacy.

In the realm of urban infrastructure, could you shed light on the specific challenges that women entrepreneurs might encounter compared to their counterparts, and how Urban Infra Group aims to address and mitigate these obstacles?

In the field of urban infrastructure, women entrepreneurs often face distinct challenges compared to their counterparts. These can include gender bias, limited access to networks, and unequal opportunities. Urban Infra Group is committed to addressing and mitigating these obstacles by fostering a supportive environment that promotes gender equality and inclusivity. Through mentorship, networking events, and advocacy, we strive to empower women entrepreneurs, enabling them to overcome these challenges and thrive in the urban infrastructure sector.

What are your thoughts on the current state and future trajectory of urban infrastructure development in India, and how does Urban Infra Group envision contributing to this evolving landscape?

I perceive India's urban infrastructure development as a pivotal phase of challenges and prospects. We aim to be a driving force, collaborating with stakeholders to advocate informed policies, champion best practices, and nurture collaborations. By leveraging our expertise, networks, and platforms, we are committed to shaping a resilient and inclusive urban infrastructure landscape in line with India's growth trajectory.
By leveraging our expertise, networks, and platforms, we are committed to shaping a resilient and inclusive urban infrastructure landscape in line with India's growth trajectory.

Could you provide an overview of the recent Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2022 organized by Urban Infra Group? How did the event unfold and what were some notable outcomes or highlights?

The Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2022, witnessed a resounding success, earning widespread accolades from esteemed industry leaders, key nodal ministries, and active participants. The event served as a pivotal platform for insightful discussions, networking, and recognition of excellence, leaving a remarkable imprint on the urban infrastructure landscape.

What upcoming events or initiatives can we expect from Urban Infra Group in the urban infrastructure sector?

Upcoming events include the Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards 2023, scheduled to be hosted at the India International Centre in New Delhi on December 7, 2023. Another significant event is the RailTrans Expo 2023, set to take place at Pragati Maidan on August 29-30, 2024.

What are the main challenges in India's urban infrastructure development, and how does Urban Infra Group propose innovative solutions to ensure sustainable progress?

In India's urban infrastructure development, challenges like congestion, environmental impact, and resource management persist. Urban Infra Group addresses these by promoting sustainable practices, technology integration, and holistic planning. By advocating efficient transportation, green solutions, and resilient design, we strive to ensure a sustainable and thriving urban future.

How does Urban Infra Group view the recent government measures in urban infrastructure development and their potential impact on India's urban future?

Urban Infra Group acknowledges the government's recent urban infrastructure initiatives as transformative and vital for India's urban evolution. We stand ready to collaborate and leverage our expertise to support these efforts, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous urban future.

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