85 percent Commuters dissatisfied with India's Public Transport System: Survey

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85 percent Commuters dissatisfied with India's Public Transport System: Survey (Representative Image)

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): A recent survey conducted across 21 major cities in India has revealed a staggering revelation - a significant 85 percent of commuters are dissatisfied with the existing state of the country's public transport system, citing a myriad of persistent issues. With an overarching goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2070, the need for a more robust and reliable public transport network has become paramount. However, the survey, conducted by the renowned public transit app Tummoc, brings to light the various challenges that hinder the seamless adoption of public transport across the nation.

One of the most prominent pain points highlighted by the respondents is the issue of overcrowding, which plagues the daily commute of a substantial 37 percent of Indians, leading them to avoid public transport altogether. Furthermore, nearly 28 percent of commuters voiced their frustration regarding the unreliability of timing, often experiencing delays and irregular schedules that disrupt their daily routines. Another significant concern is the subpar maintenance of the public transport infrastructure, identified by 24 percent of participants as a key hindrance.

The survey also underscores the digital gaps in the current public transport system, with 44 percent of respondents struggling to access crucial transport-related information on digital platforms. Limited accessibility, lack of information, ticketing problems, reliability issues with digital platforms, limited cashless payment options, and concerns over digital security via online payment methods were additional challenges cited by a significant portion of the participants, highlighting the multi-faceted nature of the problems plaguing the public transport sector in India.

Despite these challenges, a noteworthy 78 percent of survey participants acknowledged the crucial role of public transport in combatting pollution and environmental concerns. Moreover, 58 percent expressed concerns regarding the integration of digital platforms within the infrastructure, emphasizing the need for a seamless, technology-driven public transport experience. Lastly, 61 percent of respondents recognized the significance of data collection and analysis in facilitating informed decision-making, thereby enhancing the overall quality of public transport services and travel options.

As India strives to meet its sustainability goals and foster a more efficient and accessible public transport system, addressing these pressing concerns highlighted by the survey becomes imperative for policymakers and relevant stakeholders in the transportation sector.

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