ArcelorMittal and IIT-Madras join hands for Asia’s First Hyperloop Testing Facility

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ArcelorMittal and IIT-Madras join hands for Asia’s First Hyperloop Testing Facility

Chennai, India (Urban Transport News): In a groundbreaking collaboration, ArcelorMittal, the global steel giant, has forged a partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-Madras) to establish Asia's inaugural Hyperloop testing facility. Anticipated to become operational by March of this year, this venture marks a significant stride in the realm of high-speed, sustainable transportation.

Key Partnership Details

AM/NS India, a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel, will play a pivotal role in this initiative. The company is set to supply a substantial 400 tonnes of steel for the fabrication of a 400-metre vacuum tube, designated for testing levitating pods. These cutting-edge tests will evaluate pod capabilities at speeds reaching up to an impressive 200 kilometres per hour within the confines of the testing facility situated on the IIT-Madras campus.

Collaborative Endeavors

Beyond the material contribution, ArcelorMittal's India-based design and engineering arm will dispatch its engineers to the site. Their role encompasses providing crucial design and engineering expertise, ensuring seamless project oversight. Pinakin Chaubal, the Chief Technology Officer at ArcelorMittal, expressed confidence in IIT-Madras, stating, “IIT Madras is at the vanguard of deep-tech development in India, and TuTr Hyperloop’s technology and tenacity inspire great confidence about their potential to be pioneers in Hyperloop, a mobility transition industry in which steel would have an important role to play.”

Innovation at the Forefront

Within the corridors of IIT-Madras, two entities - Avishkar Hyperloop, a student team, and TuTr Hyperloop, a startup incubated on the campus - are diligently working towards the development of cost-effective Hyperloop technologies. This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the fusion of academic prowess and industrial acumen, fostering innovation at every level.

Strategic Objectives and Government Partnership

The central goal of this strategic partnership is to propel the advancement and commercialization of Hyperloop technologies. The focus remains on creating a high-speed, affordable, reliable, and sustainable mode of transportation. The Ministry of Railways, solidifying its commitment to this transformative initiative, is also a crucial partner in this venture.


As the synergy between ArcelorMittal, IIT-Madras, and the Ministry of Railways unfolds, the vision of Asia's first Hyperloop testing facility takes shape. This collaboration signifies a collective effort towards shaping the future of transportation, embracing innovation and sustainability. With the expected operationalization in March, eyes turn towards the transformative potential this facility holds for the mobility landscape.

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