Indian Railways unveils Country's 1st Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminal

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Indian Railways unveils Country's 1st Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminal

Asansol, India (Urban Transport News): In pursuance to Prime Minister’s vision “Gati Shakti” and Ministry of Railways’ Policy regarding ‘Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminal’ (GCT), Asansol division of Indian Railways has successfully commissioned private siding of Maithan Power Limited at Thaparnagar. 

This is the FIRST such GCT commissioned in Indian Railways since publication of GCT policy in Dec.’2021.

The Maithan Power Project was initiated in the year 2009 and subsequently the power generation was started in the year 2011. Till now the requirement of coal to the power project was being made through road which is expected to convert into 120 inward coal rakes per month.

Also 2 to 4 outward rakes of Fly Ash is projected to be handled from the siding. This will enhance Railways’ earnings by approximately Rs 11 crores per month. The location is in the vicinity of industrial and mining area and the future prospect of the siding is promising.

Speaking on the commissioning of the GCT, Chairman and CEO, Railway Board, V K Tripathi said that the Indian Railways is committed to making the vision of PM Gati Shakti a reality. “Transportation by rail is good for the economy as it is the most energy efficient and the most economical mode of transport. The commissioning of this terminal and more such terminals will have a very positive impact on the economy of the nation” Tripathi said.

PM Gati Shakti Multi-modal Cargo terminals of railways will be terminals where different modes of transportation will be integrated seamlessly with the railway transportation network. Around 500 multi-modal cargo terminals will be established under the PM GatiShakti programme in a time period of 4-5 years.

The multi-modal connectivity will provide integrated and seamless connectivity for the movement of people, goods, and services from one mode of transport to another. It will facilitate the last mile connectivity of infrastructure and also reduce travel time for people.

A total of 500 Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminals will be set up in a time period of 4-5 years.

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