India's First Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Launched in New Delhi

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India's First Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Launched in New Delhi

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): In a momentous event, Union Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Housing & Urban Affairs, Hardeep Singh Puri, flagged off India's very first Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus from Kartavya Path, New Delhi. This landmark move underscores India's progressive journey into clean and green energy, signaling a transformative shift in the country's energy landscape.

Puri highlighted the significance of hydrogen as a fuel for the future, emphasizing its environmental benefits. He explained that the fuel cell utilizes hydrogen and air to generate electricity to power the bus, with the only by-product being water. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation, especially when compared to conventional diesel and petrol buses. Hydrogen-powered buses also boast a rapid charging time, further enhancing their appeal.

Moreover, Hardeep Singh Puri shared the ambitious vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who envisions green hydrogen as the cornerstone of green growth, creating green jobs, and setting a global example for clean energy transition. The Minister reiterated the Prime Minister's commitment to achieving self-reliance in energy production by integrating electric mobility, a gas-based economy, and taking Green Hydrogen on a mission mode.

Speaking about the government's clean and green energy plans, Puri emphasized that emerging fuels like hydrogen and bio-fuels are set to account for a substantial portion of global incremental energy demand growth over the next two decades. He also noted that India, with one of the world's largest synchronous grids, is poised to become a global champion in hydrogen production and exports, positioning itself as a hub for green hydrogen.

This historic moment was celebrated with the flagging off of the first two hydrogen cell buses, which are poised to be game-changers for urban transportation in India. Puri commended IndianOil for its collaborative efforts with Tata Motors in developing indigenous solutions for Fuel Cell technology and hydrogen infrastructure in the country. He stated that the success of this initiative could transform India from a net importer of fossil energy to a net exporter of clean hydrogen energy.

Rameshwar Teli, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas & Labour and Employment, expressed his optimism about India's commitment to becoming a cleaner and greener nation through the Green Hydrogen Mission.

Pankaj Jain, Secretary of MoP&NG, encouraged school children to be curious about new green technologies, emphasizing the transformative impact of hydrogen in India's mobility sector.

Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, S M Vaidya, highlighted hydrogen's potential as a game-changer in India's pursuit of net-zero emissions by 2070. Under this initiative, 15 fuel cell buses will ply specified routes in the Delhi NCR Region to gather performance data, marking a pivotal stride towards zero-emission mobility.

This significant event marks India's determined path towards a sustainable and cleaner future, setting the stage for a revolutionary transition in the energy and transportation sectors.

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