KMRL initiates tender process for construction of Mattancherry Water Metro Terminal

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KMRL initiates tender process for construction of Mattancherry Water Metro Terminal

Kochi, India (Urban Transport News): After experiencing numerous delays, authorities in Kochi have taken a significant step forward by initiating the tender process for the construction of the Water Metro terminal in Mattancherry.

The Mattancherry Water Metro Terminal Action Council had previously engaged in discussions with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, urging the swift construction of the terminal.

In 2019, the metro authorities had originally awarded a contract for the terminal's construction, with a completion deadline set for March 2021. However, the project failed to commence within the stipulated timeframe, leading to the termination of the contract.

According to reports, Kochi Water Metro Limited (KWML) has been awaiting clearance from the German lending agency, KfW, for several months to proceed with the third round of tendering for the construction of the Mattancherry Water Metro terminal.

This particular terminal stands out from the others due to a portion of it being situated over the water, making piling and related construction work more challenging.

KWML has been in discussions with KfW representatives, who are currently visiting Kochi, to address these concerns.

The report also mentioned that certain design flaws in the original plan have been rectified, and they are optimistic about receiving KfW's approval to initiate the tender process for the Mattancherry terminal, as well as 14 other terminals included in the tender package.

Once the contracts are awarded, the KWML team aims to complete the construction of the Mattancherry and other terminals within six months.

These structures are expected to be hybrid, combining pre-fabricated elements with concrete construction.

Despite previous delays, progress has already been made in constructing floating pontoons, which will serve as boarding points for ferry commuters.

Additionally, parking facilities will be made available near water metro terminals wherever feasible.

Furthermore, there are plans to introduce a fleet of 20 e-buses and 100 e-autos to provide last-mile connectivity, particularly to the 10 islands that the ferries will connect. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of the water metro system in Kochi.

The construction of the water metro terminal holds great potential for boosting the tourism sector in Mattancherry, which is a prominent tourist destination in the state, known for attractions like the synagogue.

In the meantime, the State Water Transport Department (SWTD) is still in the process of renovating its boat jetty in Mattancherry. Services at this jetty were suspended following the 2018 floods, attributed to silt sedimentation in the boat channels.

The Kochi Water Metro project is a significant initiative aimed at enhancing connectivity between the mainland and the islands of Kochi. It is expected to benefit islanders, improve tourism, and ultimately enhance the livelihoods of residents in the region. Once fully operational, it is set to serve a substantial number of passengers daily, making it a crucial addition to the city's transportation infrastructure.

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