MMRDA plans to link Monorail with Mumbai Metro Line 3 at Mahalaxmi Station

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MMRDA plans to link Monorail with Mumbai Metro Line 3 at Mahalaxmi Station

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has planned to link the Mumbai Monorail corridor with Mumbai Metro's Line 3 (Colaba-Seepz Underground Metro) to improve the connectivity to Mahalaxmi-Parel-Wadala areas.

According to plan unvield by the MMRDA, the existing Chembur-Jacob Circle Monorail Line will be extended by about 500 meters to connect it with the under-construction Mahalaxmi Metro station of Mumbai Metro Line 3. The authority believe that this move will make Monorail operations more viable and provide seamless connectivity to monorail/metro commuters.

The authority is studying the process how to go ahead with the extension and the cost of the project is ongoing. Once study completed, MMRDA will float tenders for the construction of the additional track route and a station that will be known as Mahalaxmi Monorail station.

“We are planning to extend the Monorail route by around 450 to 500 meters and connect it with the Mahalaxmi Metro station. This will make the Monorail more viable considering it is in loss now, and also give commuters the option to travel from south Mumbai travel up to Chembur seamlessly via the interchange at Mahalaxmi Metro station. From here, commuters can take a Monorail and go up to Chembur,” said SVR Srinivas, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA, HT reported.

“The current waiting period for Monorail is very high, say around 25 minutes or even more with just three trains. However, we have already placed orders for more rakes. They will start coming in phases in two years. Simultaneously, we also plan to start the construction of the extension of Monorail from Jacob Circle to Mahalaxmi Metro station,” added Metropolitan Commissioner.

The extension of Monorail beyond Chembur is being planned but it is not under active consideration at present. Plans to link Monorail with the Mumbai Metro Line 4 (Wadala-Thane) is being considered so it can be connected to densely populated areas of Central Mumbai, including Dadar, Lower Parel, Chinchpokli.

The MMRDA think that the extension will prove to be a game-changer for commuters. “If all the current technical problems in the Monorail rakes are solved, and after it is made safe for commuters, this corridor will be of true use. The extension will also make sense if the frequency is brought down to 5 to 10 minutes,” said SP Khade, Former Director of Mumbai Monorail.

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