Rome becomes first European city to offer Open Loop Transit payment for global cardholders

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Rome becomes  first European city to offer Open Loop Transit payment for global cardholders

Rome, Italy (Urban Transport News): Rome has become the first European city to implement Open Loop Transit payments for cardholders from international schemes JCB and UnionPay. This innovative initiative, facilitated through strategic partnerships with Nexi, heralds a new era of convenience and efficiency for millions of Eternal City travelers.

Gone are the days of queuing for tickets or navigating unfamiliar fare systems. With Rome's Open Loop Transit, visitors and locals alike can seamlessly board public transport and pay fares with a simple tap of their contactless payment card or mobile device. This revolutionary system eliminates the need for advance ticket purchases, offering maximum convenience and security for commuters.

Nexi, Europe's leading PayTech, has forged strategic alliances with JCB and UnionPay to make this pioneering transit solution a reality. By leveraging Nexi's cutting-edge technology and expansive network, Rome has positioned itself at the forefront of global transit innovation. The collaboration underscores Nexi's commitment to driving digital transformation and enhancing the travel experience for millions of passengers worldwide.

The introduction of Open Loop Transit in Rome promises a host of benefits for both passengers and urban mobility. From eliminating ticket purchase hurdles to ensuring the best fare options based on travel history, this initiative aims to streamline the transit experience and promote greater accessibility across the city. With services extended to buses, trams, trolleybuses, and the entire metro network, commuters can easily navigate Rome's vibrant streets.

Filippo Maria Signoretti, Merchant Solutions Director Italy at Nexi, hailed the partnerships as a testament to Nexi's global capabilities and commitment to innovation. Ray Shinzawa, Managing Director of JCB International (Europe) Ltd., emphasized JCB's dedication to delivering top-notch solutions for card members and business partners. Meanwhile, Mr. Yang Shengliang, Head of UnionPay International Europe Branch, lauded the collaboration as a milestone in enhancing the payment experience for travelers worldwide.

Rome's introduction of Open Loop Transit payments marks a significant milestone in the evolution of urban mobility. By embracing innovation and fostering strategic partnerships, the Eternal City has set a precedent for cities worldwide. As tourists and citizens benefit from enhanced accessibility and convenience, Rome solidifies its position as a global leader in transit innovation.

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