RRTS gets Rs 2,487 crore boost in Union Budget 2020-21

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RRTS gets Rs 2,487 crore boost in Union Budget 2020-21

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): In a major boost to regional connectivity in NCR, the Government of India has allocated Rs 2,487 crores to the country’s first Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) in the Union Budget 2020-21 presented today in the parliament. Out of the 8 identified RRTS corridors to connect various NCR towns with high-speed rail commute under the Functional Plan on Transport for NCR-2032, three have been prioritized for implementation in Phase-1 by the Planning Commission appointed Task Force, these are Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut, Delhi-Gurugram-SNB-Alwar and Delhi-Panipat.

The amount allocated in the Union Budget 2020-21 will help NCRTC to speed up the project. At present the Civil Construction of the first RRTS Corridor i.e. Delhi–Ghaziabad–Meerut corridor is in full swing and piling and pier works are being done on the 17 km priority section between Sahibabad to Duhai including stations Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Guldahr and Duhai.

Recently, KEC-CCECC JV has completed the first segment of the RRTS of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor. With a design speed of 180 km/h and an operational speed of 160 km/h, the RRTS trains will be unique and one of its kinds in India. The aerodynamic coaches will be self-propelled on electric traction with 25KV AC System.

The RRTS trains are being designed with the state-of-the-art latest technology. The Delhi–Ghaziabad–Meerut RRTS corridor will be immensely beneficial in curbing pollution in the region. The high-speed rail will promise to cover the distance between Meerut and New Delhi in less than 60 minutes. NCRTC is a joint venture of the Government of India (50%) and State Governments of Haryana (12.5%), NCT Delhi (12.5%), Uttar Pradesh (12.5%) and Rajasthan (12.5%).

It is mandated to design, construct, finance, operate and maintain RRTS in NCR and works under the administrative control of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, GOI. In the last financial year i.e. 2019-20, the Centre had allocated Rs 824 crore to start the civil construction on the Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor.

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