Tender worth ₹60,000 crore floated for development of Multi-Modal Expressway in Maharashtra

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Tender worth ₹60,000 crore floated for development of Multi-Modal Expressway in Maharashtra

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): In a significant push for Mumbai's infrastructure development, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited (MSRDC) has invited multiple bids for the construction of the Navghar (Vasai) - MTHL Atal Setu - Balavali (Mumbai - Goa Highway) Multi-Modal Expressway. This massive project, with an estimated cost of ₹60,000 crore, aims to transform the transportation landscape in the state of Maharashtra.

Transformative Features of the Multi-Modal Expressway

  • Lanes:  The expressway is set to comprise 8 lanes, providing a robust and efficient transportation network for commuters.

  • Packages:  The project is divided into 10 distinct packages, ensuring a systematic and phased approach to its construction and development.

  • Provision for Metro Rail/RRTS:  Emphasizing a forward-looking infrastructure, the expressway includes provisions for the Metro Rail/Regional Rail Transit System (RRTS), further enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

  • Type of Project: As an Access Controlled Multi-Modal Corridor, the expressway prioritizes controlled access to streamline traffic flow and improve overall safety. The construction of the project will be done on the EPC Model.

  • Funding: The project is financially supported by the Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC), ensuring the necessary financial backing for its successful execution.

Project Phases and Key Packages

  1. Package MMC – 01: Encompassing the stretch from Bapane Tq. Vasai to Paye Tq, Bhiwandi, this 8.40 km segment initiates the ambitious project. The estimated cost of work is Rs 17,857.81 million.

  2. Package MMC – 02: Extending from Paye to Kalher, covering a distance of 12.39 km, this package further contributes to the comprehensive development of the expressway. The estimated cost of work is Rs 17,933.53 million.

  3. Package MMC-04: Focused on the Ajnur to Katai stretch in Thane District, this 6.31 km segment addresses key accessibility points for disabled individuals. The estimated cost of work is Rs 18,507.51 million.

  4. Package MMC -05: Spanning from Katai Tq. Kalyan to Nitlas Tq. Panvel, this 8.44 km section reinforces the commitment to accessibility and efficient transportation. The estimated cost of work is Rs 18,994.53 million.

  5. Package MMC -06: Connecting Nitlas to Umroli in Tq. Panvel & District Raigad, this 12.83 km package enhances the overall reach and connectivity of the expressway. The estimated cost of work is Rs 19,114.54 million.

  6. Package MMC-07: Covering the stretch from Umroli to Borle, this 8.24 km segment plays a pivotal role in connecting Virar Tahsil of Palghar District to Pen Tahsil of Raigad District. The estimated cost of work is Rs 19,750.26 million.

  7. Package MMC -08: Encompassing the Borle to Vadghar section, this 8.34 km package contributes to the overall accessibility goals of the project. The estimated cost of work is Rs 15,245.11 million.

  8. Package MMC -09: Extending from Vadghar Tq. Panvel to Jambhulpada Tq. Uran, this 9.12 km stretch further strengthens the multi-modal corridor. The estimated cost of work is Rs 15,736.85 million.

  9. Package MMC-10: Covering the Jambhulpada to Kalambsure stretch in Tq. Uran & District Raigad, this 9.34 km package represents a crucial phase in the expressway's development. The estimated cost of work is Rs 16,131.21 million.

Bidding Details and Timeline

The comprehensive Bid document is available for viewing and download on the official portal mahatenders.gov.in from January 17, 2024, to March 01, 2024, up to 15.00 Hrs. (IST). Interested parties are required to submit their bids online at the same portal on or before March 01, 2024 (up to 15.00 Hrs. IST). The online bids will be opened on March 04, 2024, at 15.00 Hrs. IST.

A Catalyst for Transformation

The Navghar (Vasai) - MTHL Atal Setu - Balavali Multi-Modal Expressway stands as a testament to Mumbai's commitment to transformative infrastructure. With its emphasis on accessibility, connectivity, and efficiency, this project is poised to reshape the transportation landscape in Maharashtra. As the bidding process unfolds, the city eagerly anticipates the commencement of construction, marking the beginning of a new era in transportation infrastructure.

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