The Most Useful Apps for When You’re Using Urban Transport

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The Most Useful Apps for When You’re Using Urban Transport

Transport routes have been open again for a while and people are fully back into the swing of things -the school run, travelling to work and much more. Avid travellers are back on public transport taking journeys all over with time on their hands whilst they travel.

People find different things to fill up the time they spend on urban and public transport. From playing on online casinos that accept Interac to reading the latest issue of their favourite magazine, the time can be used catching up on gossip, entertaining themselves or learning something new. 

If you’re travelling internationally or taking the same old route to work, here are the 5 best apps you can download to make the most of your time, learn something or navigate your way around!

Amazon Kindle & Audible

If you’re an absolute bookworm, this is a must! You can have thousands of books right at your fingertips with Amazon Kindle. From the best sellers to extremely niche selections, you can get lost in a fantasy world on the train to work. Maybe there’s a random skill you’ve always wanted to learn - simply download the relevant book and you get to geek up wherever you are.

The best thing is that there are plenty of books that are under $1, with even more books being free. Amazon also has an audiobook app - Audible. Simply plug in your headphones and listen to movie stars narrate your favourite tales.


Getting lost on the way anywhere is not just an inconvenience - it can also be dangerous depending on where you are! Enter the super handy CityMapper app.

Available for a whole host of different countries, When you start up CityMapper you’ll be greeted by a map of the surrounding area that shows you the nearest transport stops - including bus stops and urban/metro rail stops. You can then click on the stop and get up-to-date and current travel information for that particular stop. 

Not only is this super useful if you’ve got another train or coach to catch, but you can also compare the prices of different forms of transport - as well as compare the times. All in all, an incredibly handy app that some people have called ‘life-changing’.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is extremely useful if you’re travelling to a place you’ve never visited before - you’re on holiday or you’re on a work trip somewhere. Whilst you’re on the way there, give Trip Advisor a gander to have a look at the surrounding attractions and tourist hot spots.

You’ll be able to see the local top restaurants, places to visit and more. These locations are ranked out of 5 by real people, with feedback given and you also have the option to view candid pictures taken by other members of the public.

Who knows - you may even be able to find a hidden gem that you would’ve passed over otherwise. 


Why not spend the time you spend commuting on urban transport to get smarter? Enter Peak, a brain training app.

Whilst some people will spend their time playing addictive games like Candy Crush, You may want to work on improving your memory, cognition and more via the games available in Peak. The app keeps track of your sessions, regularly tests you to show how you’re improving and has various aspects to train. These include your focus, mental agility and more. 

Many of the games are free but you can choose a monthly subscription if you really want to become a brainiac.


Finally, we have one of the most popular language learning apps available - Duolingo. Almost everyone wants to learn a new language - and why wouldn’t you want to? Imagine being able to go on holiday to a foreign country and get by perfectly as you mingle with the locals as if they were your next-door neighbour!

The best part - Duolingo is free, and teaches not just speech but reading and listening whilst also making the language learning process as fun as possible with games and challenges. 

The clever usage of AI helps the app create a totally customised learning experience, meaning you’ll never feel left behind on any of the modules.


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