Tunneling for High-Speed Rail Projects Underway at "The Line" in NEOM

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Tunneling for High-Speed Rail Projects Underway at

NEOM, Saudi Arabia (Urban Transport News): NEOM, envisioned as a model for sustainable urban living, stands as one of Saudi Arabia's ambitious Giga projects, poised to redefine the future of urban development. At the heart of this transformative vision lies "The Line," a pioneering 170-kilometer-long city characterized by its innovative approach to transportation and sustainability. Eschewing traditional roads and cars, "The Line" is designed to accommodate up to nine million residents within a compact 34 square kilometers, powered exclusively by clean energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen.

Central to the realization of this visionary concept is the Connector railway project, which aims to link Oxagon, NEOM's hub for advanced and clean industries, with "The Line," heralding a new era of connectivity and mobility. Spearheaded by a joint venture led by Webuild, the project encompasses the design and construction of 57 kilometers of high-speed railway along Saudi Arabia's northern coast of the Red Sea.

The scope of the contract awarded to the joint venture is extensive, encompassing crucial infrastructure elements such as civil works for two high-speed and two freight railway tracks, viaducts, road bridges, and road and rail underpasses. This comprehensive approach underscores the commitment to building a robust transportation network that supports NEOM's sustainable urban vision.

In addition to the Connector project, NEOM has embarked on the development of "The Spine," a pivotal component of the city's transportation infrastructure. Designed to traverse the entire length of "The Line" for 170 kilometers, the Spine will serve as a vital artery, facilitating swift and efficient movement across the city. Notably, the Spine will be devoid of cars and roads, embodying "The Line's" commitment to smart and sustainable mobility solutions.

The latest phase of development involves the construction of tunnels linking the Connector with the Spine, representing a significant milestone in NEOM's transportation evolution. This ambitious undertaking encompasses 26.5 kilometers of tunnelling work, divided into two lots for the north and south regions. The intricate process will be executed through five contracts, with each contract focusing on excavating approximately 5 kilometers of tunnels through hard rock, utilizing advanced techniques such as drill, blast, cut, and cover methods.

Upon completion, the Delta Junction project will seamlessly integrate the Connector with the Spine, further enhancing connectivity and accessibility within "The Line." By facilitating swift and efficient travel, the tunnels will play a pivotal role in realizing NEOM's vision of a futuristic, sustainable cityscape.

As NEOM continues to chart new frontiers in urban development, the ongoing tunneling projects underscore the commitment to innovation and sustainability, positioning "The Line" as a beacon of progress in the global landscape of smart cities.

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