Bid submission deadline extended for Jewar Airport-Film City Pod Taxi Project

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Bid submission deadline extended for Jewar Airport-Film City Pod Taxi Project

Noida, India (Urban Transport News): The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has taken a strategic step in its pursuit of the ambitious Jewar Airport-Film City Pod Taxi Project. The authority has extended the deadline for bid submissions by one month, now set for September 10th, in response to queries raised by global firms regarding critical aspects of the project.

The extension aims to address concerns and provide comprehensive clarity to prospective bidders, ultimately fostering a more informed and engaged participation in the project's tender process.

The project envisions connecting the Noida International Airport in Jewar to Sector-21 Film City through a state-of-the-art pod taxi system. The public-private-partnership bid evaluation committee will diligently address the queries posed by companies to ensure transparency and enhance understanding before the global tender phase.

A Visionary Transit Solution

The Jewar Airport-Film City Pod Taxi Project presents a visionary solution in the form of a Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system. PRT introduces automated electric 'pod cars' that deliver taxi-like services to individuals or small groups of travelers. The segregated guideway ensures seamless journeys between origins and destinations, highlighting efficiency, speed, and personalized experiences.

With the ability to achieve high speeds and maintain minimal headways, PRT guarantees swift, on-demand, and point-to-point public transportation with minimal waiting times.

Project Evolution and Alignment

The authority initiated the journey toward this transformative project in March 2021 by engaging the Indian Port Rail and Ropeway Corporation Limited. The final detailed project report (DPR) received approval in May 2023 after careful modifications. The PRT system's alignment commences from the crossroad of Sector-20 and Sector-21, extending along a 100-meter-wide road and encompassing 12 stations en-route to Jewar International Airport.

The project, estimated at Rs. 641.53 crore, is executed on a design, build, finance, operate, and transfer basis. The concession agreement between the authority and the concessionaire spans 35 years, including two years for system construction. The project not only establishes a seamless transport connection between the film city and the international airport but also links various sectors like Sector-21, 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, and 35.

A Vision of Connectivity and Progress

The anticipated completion of the pod taxi project aligns with the first phase launch of the Noida airport in 2024. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has further illuminated the project's scope by instructing officials to extend the pod taxi route to Greater Noida's Pari Chowk.

As the bid submission deadline extension seeks to ensure a comprehensive understanding among potential bidders, the Jewar Airport-Film City Pod Taxi Project moves forward with a vision of connectivity, efficiency, and progress that resonates within the region and beyond.

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