Harsh Constructions wins ₹220 crore Hubballi Airport New Terminal Construction Contract

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Harsh Constructions wins ₹220 crore Hubballi Airport New Terminal Construction Contract

Hubballi, India (Urban Transport News): In a recent development, Harsh Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (HCPL) secured the position of the lowest bidder for the civil construction work associated with the new terminal building at Hubballi Airport (HBX) in Karnataka. This win positions HCPL as a key player in the expansion and enhancement of the airport's infrastructure.

Current Scenario at Hubballi Airport

Hubballi Airport, also known as Hubli Airport, saw the inauguration of its existing terminal in December 2017. The terminal, managed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), currently spans a built-up area of 3,600 sq.m. This new construction project signifies a significant step towards the expansion and modernization of the airport's facilities.

Anticipated Groundwork and Construction Timeline

With the successful bid from HCPL, it is anticipated that basic groundwork for the new terminal at Hubballi Airport will commence towards the end of Q1 2024, around March. Following this, full-fledged construction work is expected to kick off in Q2 2024. These timelines set the stage for a systematic and timely execution of the project.

Features of the Expanded Terminal

Post-expansion, the new terminal at Hubballi Airport is poised to be a substantial addition to the airport's capabilities. It is designed to handle 2400 peak-hour passengers, with a breakdown of 1200 arrivals and 1200 departures. The total built-up area is projected to reach an impressive 20,000 sq.m. Noteworthy features include the incorporation of four aerobridges and an expanded apron capable of accommodating six narrow-body aircraft such as the A320 and B737.

Government Approval and Project Funding

The Central Government of India provided its approval for the Hubballi Airport terminal expansion project in June 2023. The estimated cost for this ambitious endeavor is Rs. 273 crore. In line with this, AAI initiated the tender process for the terminal's civil construction contract in October 2023, setting the estimated cost at Rs 260.22 crore and assigning a two-year completion deadline.

Bidding Process and Financial Overview

Technical bids for the project were opened in mid-November 2023, revealing a total of eight bidders in the competition. The financial bids reflected the following values:

  1. Harsh Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (HCPL): Rs 220.13 crore
  2. Girdhari Lal Constructions Pvt. Ltd.: Rs 223.36 crore
  3. Comt Constructions Pvt. Ltd.: Rs 227.00 crore
  4. Vishal Infrastructure Ltd.: Rs 231.20 crore
  5. Vensa Infrastructure Ltd.: Rs 234.63 crore
  6. URC Construction Pvt. Ltd.: Rs 261.25 crore
  7. M.S. Khurana Engineering Ltd.: Rs 267.06 crore
  8. Renaatus Projects Pvt. Ltd.: Rs 275.37 crore

Implications of HCPL's Bid

HCPL's bid of Rs. 220.13 crore stands out as it is notably below AAI's estimate of Rs 260.22 crore. This places HCPL in a strong position to be awarded the contract, marking a crucial step in the project's progression. The final decision on the contract award is anticipated before the year concludes.

The emergence of HCPL as the lowest bidder for the construction of Hubballi Airport's new terminal is a promising development in the realm of aviation infrastructure. It reflects the concerted efforts to enhance airport facilities and improve passenger experiences. As this project unfolds, it holds the potential to redefine the landscape of air travel in Karnataka.

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