IndiGo Makes Aviation History: Becomes First Indian Airline to Soar with 100 Million Passengers

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IndiGo Makes Aviation History: Becomes First Indian Airline to Soar with 100 Million Passengers

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): In a historic feat, IndiGo, India's preferred carrier, has etched its name in the annals of aviation history by becoming the first Indian airline to proudly transport 100 million passengers in a single calendar year. This monumental achievement catapults IndiGo into an exclusive global club of carriers operating on such a massive scale, firmly securing its position among the 10 largest airlines in the world by passenger traffic.

Record-Breaking Success

Celebrating its 17th anniversary this year, IndiGo has not only reached this extraordinary milestone but has done so with remarkable speed, emerging as one of the fastest airlines to achieve the 100 million passenger figure. In the calendar year 2022, IndiGo welcomed 78 million passengers on board, slightly surpassing pre-COVID-19 levels. The subsequent surge to 100 million passengers in 2023 represents a remarkable 22% increase in passenger traffic, underlining the airline's robust growth.

Unmatched Operational Prowess

IndiGo's success story extends beyond passenger numbers. In addition to this historic achievement, the airline recently made waves by becoming the first in India to operate more than 2,000 flights a day. Currently serving 118 destinations, including 32 international locations, IndiGo has positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with in the global aviation landscape.

Visionary Leadership Speaks

Pieter Elbers, Chief Executive Officer of IndiGo, expressed his elation on this momentous occasion, stating, “We are incredibly delighted to achieve this historic milestone, welcoming aboard 100 million passengers in a year. This landmark figure is the result of the love and trust shown by our customers and the hard work and passion of all IndiGo colleagues."

He further added, "This milestone is also a validation of our strategy which has been executed so diligently. At IndiGo, we are proud to give wings to the nation, by connecting people and aspirations for the past 17 years, making air travel accessible for hundreds of millions of Indians.”

Strategic Growth and Ambitions

In 2022, IndiGo strategically embarked on a growth plan under three pillars – 'Reassure, Develop, and Create,' aiming to double in size and scale by the end of this decade. To fuel these ambitions, the airline placed a historic order for 500 new aircraft with Airbus, in addition to the existing 450+ aircraft orders. This forward-looking approach positions IndiGo as a key player in the future of global aviation.

A Catalyst for India's Progress

This historic achievement aligns with the vision of the Indian government, where aviation plays a pivotal role in the nation's growth and progress. Bridging distances in a geographically vast and culturally diverse country like India, aviation becomes a cornerstone in bringing people closer and fostering economic development.

Continued Expansion and Sustainability

Over the last six months, IndiGo has added more than 20 new international routes to its network while strengthening domestic connectivity. The airline's plans include adding destinations like Bali, Indonesia, and Medina, Saudi Arabia, to its network in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner. IndiGo remains committed to serving the mobility needs of its customers and contributing to the progress of India.

IndiGo's ascent to transporting 100 million passengers in a single year marks a historic achievement not only for the airline but for Indian aviation as a whole. As it continues to soar to new heights, IndiGo stands as a beacon of success, connecting the nation and contributing to the growth and progress of India's aviation sector.

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