Kalpataru Projects wins ₹884 Crore New Terminal Construction Contract of Bagdogra Airport

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Kalpataru Projects wins ₹884 Crore New Terminal Construction Contract of Bagdogra Airport

Baghdogra, India (Urban Transport News): In a recent development, Kalpataru Projects International Ltd. (KPTL) has secured the position of the lowest bidder for the civil construction of the new terminal building at Bagdogra International Airport (IBX) near Siliguri, West Bengal. Bagdogra Airport, managed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), serves as the second busiest airport in West Bengal, acting as the gateway to picturesque Himalayan towns like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Gangtok in Sikkim.

The existing terminal, with an 8,000 sq.m built-up area, currently accommodates 400 peak-hour passengers. The upcoming terminal, strategically located approximately 500 meters south of the existing one, is set to have a substantial footprint of 1,00,000 sq.m (50,000 sq.m in Phase 1). It aims to enhance capacity, enabling the handling of 3800 peak-hour passengers.

Key Features of the New Terminal

  • Multi-level Car Park (MLCP)
  • 10 aerobridges (6 in Phase 1)
  • Apron capacity for 16 narrow-body aircraft (e.g., A320, B737)

AAI initiated the tender process for the civil construction contract in September 2023, estimating the project cost at Rs. 960.45 crores with a 913-day completion deadline. Four bidders, including Kalpataru Projects International Ltd. (KPTL), Ahluwalia Contracts India Ltd. (ACI), ITD Cementation India Ltd., and NCC Ltd., submitted technical bids in December.

Financial Bid Values

  • Kalpataru Projects International Ltd.: Rs. 883.80 Crores
  • Ahluwalia Contracts India Ltd.: Rs. 887.82 Crores
  • ITD Cementation India Ltd.: Rs. 890.89 Crores
  • NCC Ltd.: Rs. 899.89 Crores

Kalpataru Projects' bid of Rs. 883.80 crores was notably below AAI's estimate, indicating a potential contract award in the coming weeks.

Scope of Work

  • Development of New Civil Enclave at Bagdogra Airport
  • Construction of New Terminal Building, MLCP, Allied Structure, and External Development works on Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Model

Accompanied by a rendering and layout from AAI's tender documents, the terminal design appears inspired by mountains. Anticipate preliminary groundwork by the end of Q1 2024, with comprehensive construction set to commence in Q2 2024.

The selection of Kalpataru Projects International Ltd as the lowest bidder marks a significant step towards the realization of Bagdogra Airport's new terminal. With a focus on enhanced capacity and modern facilities, the project aligns with the region's growing air traffic needs. Stay tuned for further updates as construction progresses.

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