Mumbai to commence Electric Water Taxi services from the next month

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Mumbai to commence Electric Water Taxi services from the next month

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): In a move towards eco-friendly and efficient transportation, Mumbai is gearing up to introduce electric water taxis, set to begin operations from December onwards. These water taxis will ply between the Gateway of India in South Mumbai and Belapur in Navi Mumbai, significantly reducing travel time and promoting sustainable travel options.

Infinity Harbour Service, a leading private water taxi operator, has acquired four electric water taxis for this purpose, with each boat costing approximately Rs 2.5 crore. Currently, two 24-seater electric water taxis are undergoing trial runs in Goa, while an additional two six-seater water taxis are undergoing trials in Kochi.

According to the Managing Partner of Infinity Harbour Service, Sohel Kazani, the 24-seater water taxis will primarily serve the route connecting Gateway of India in South Mumbai to Belapur in Navi Mumbai. These electric water taxis boast a maximum speed of 12 nautical miles and can complete the journey between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai within an hour, significantly reducing travel time for commuters.

Moreover, these electric water taxis demonstrate impressive energy efficiency, capable of operating continuously for four hours on a single charge. In comparison, the existing diesel water taxis consume a staggering 140 litres of fuel per hour. This not only underscores the environmental benefits of the electric water taxis but also presents a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for daily commuters and travelers alike.

Infinity Harbour Service currently operates water taxi services between Belapur and Elephanta Caves, as well as in Mandwa Alibaug. While the response to these services has been moderate, especially during weekends, the operator has observed approximately three trips made, each accommodating 15-20 passengers.

With the imminent introduction of electric water taxis in Mumbai, the city is poised to make significant strides towards sustainable and efficient transportation, aligning with global efforts to promote greener mobility options.

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