NLIA to transform Transportation with innovative People Mover System

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NLIA to transform Transportation with innovative People Mover System Image Copyright © PANYNJ

New York, United States (Urban Transport News): In a strategic move to enhance mobility solutions at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is set to replace the existing outdated system with a cutting-edge people mover from Doppelmayr. This ambitious initiative is part of the AirTrain Newark Replacement Program, a comprehensive project aimed at revitalizing the transportation infrastructure for air travelers in the region.

Newark Liberty International Airport stands as a major international hub within the New York catchment area, making it a critical focal point for efficient and reliable transportation connections. Recognizing the need for an upgrade, the Port Authority has chosen Doppelmayr as the system supplier and operational partner through a meticulous multi-phase procurement process for the implementation of the new AirTrain Newark.

The contract, valued at a total of US$ 955 million, encompasses the design, engineering, and construction of the state-of-the-art Cable Liner. Additionally, it includes an estimated US$ 385 million (net present value) for the operation and maintenance of the installation over 20 years.

The AirTrain Newark currently spans a four-kilometer (2.5-mile) route, serving millions of passengers annually as the primary mode of transport between three passenger terminals, parking and rental car facilities, and regional rail transit links. The new system aims not only to enhance efficiency but also to provide a more reliable and modern transportation experience for travelers.

Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole expressed the significance of this step in the broader efforts to revitalize and modernize Newark Liberty International Airport, stating, “Given Doppelmayr’s experience and expertise, we know the firm will be a great partner in bringing our travelers the reliable, efficient transportation they deserve.”

Markus Schrentewein, Managing Director of Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH, shared the company's pride in collaborating with the Port Authority on the development of the new AirTrain Newark. He highlighted Doppelmayr's successful track record in similar projects across the United States, including the Oakland Airport Connector and two Cable Liner systems in Las Vegas. Schrentewein emphasized Doppelmayr's commitment to creating value for the local community with the AirTrain Newark project.

The next phase involves Doppelmayr and the Port Authority working together to define specific details for project implementation, with the goal of the new AirTrain Newark being operational by 2029. This marks a significant leap towards a more modern and efficient transportation system at one of the nation's key international airports.

The AirTrain Newark Replacement Program signifies a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to enhance travel experiences for passengers at Newark Liberty International Airport. With Doppelmayr's expertise and commitment to community value, the project promises not only a technological upgrade but also a positive impact on the local area.

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