Nevomo, Plastwil sign MoU to build a full-scale MAGRAIL technology test track

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Nevomo, Plastwil sign MoU to build a full-scale MAGRAIL technology test track

Warsaw, Poland (urban Transport News): Nevomo (formerly known as Hyper Poland) has signed a cooperation agreement with Plastwil and Plastwil de Bonte, companies specializing in the production of top-quality pre-stressed concrete sleepers and rail fastening systems. The sleepers and fixings supplied by the two companies will be used to build a full-scale magrail technology test track. Thanks to this cooperation, Nevomo will build a 750-meter-long track which will be the longest track for passive magnetic levitation tests in Europe.

The Belgian company De Bonte has 30 years of experience in the manufacture of prestressed concrete sleepers, while Polish Plastwil has been a leading manufacturer of sleeper rail fastening systems for more than 35 years. Both the pre-stressed concrete sleepers and the fastening systems will become part of a full-scale test track for the magrail technology - a new generation of high-speed railways in which vehicles will travel at speeds of up to 550 kph. The track will be built in the Nowa Sarzyna commune in the Podkarpackie voivodship in Poland. Construction will begin in the second half of this year. 

As part of the agreement, Plastwil De Bonte became Nevomo's Track Partner and joined a group of other companies that are currently supporting the development of the magnetic railway including IDOM, CIECH Sarzyna, Transfer Multisort Elektronik or the Railway Institute.

Lukasz Mielczarek, co-founder and Infrastructure Director at Nevomo, said:

The support of Plastwil, which has a rich and international experience as a leading manufacturer of rail technology components, is very important for us. Thanks to this, further steps towards full-scale testing of magrail technology will be possible.

"As an innovation-driven company, we draw from our many years of experience as a manufacturer of railway infrastructure components, and we are already thinking today about what would be required for railway development in the coming decades. The cooperation with Nevomo fits perfectly in our future vision, where we create railway solutions for the next 20, 30, or even 50 years ahead. I am convinced that in the context of reducing human impact on the environment, railways are going to become the preferred mode of transport, and the development of such technologies as hyperloop is bringing us closer to its revival," said Izabella Walkowska, CEO at Plastwil.

By adapting the existing railway infrastructure, Nevomo aims to enable travel with a speed of up to 550 kph. This will be possible thanks to the development of magrail technology, a magnetic railway system that makes use of existing railway tracks. Both traditional trains and magrail vehicles can operate on the same railway line interchangeably.

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