Nashik Metro Neo: Project Information, Tenders, Stations, Routes and Updates

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Nashik Metro Neo: Project Information, Tenders, Stations, Routes and Updates

Nashik Metro Neo is an innovative Mass Rapid Transit Project which will provide state-of-the-art transportation facility to the people of the Nashik city.

Project Highlights

  • Project Name: Nashik 'Metro Neo' Project
  • Operator: Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited
  • Owner: Govt. of India, Govt. of Maharashtra & CIDCO
  • Project Type: Light Rail Transit System (LRTS)
  • Total Network: 32.0 km
  • No. of Phases: 1 (2 Lines)
  • Project Cost: INR 2,000.60 Crore
  • Completion Target: 2025

Metro Neo System Network

Corridor 1: Gangapur - Mumbai Naka

  • Route Length: 10 km
  • No. of Stations: 10
  • Station Names: Gangapur, Jalapur, Ganpat Nagar, Kale Nagar, Jehan Circle, Thatte Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Panchavati, CBS, Mumbai Naka.

Corridor 2: Srimik Nagar - Nasik Road

  • Route Length: 22 km
  • No. of Stations: 15
  • Station Names: Dhruv Nagar, Shramik Nagar, Mahindra, Shaneshwar Nagar, Satpur Colony, MIDC, ABB Circle, Parijat Nagar, MICO circle, CBS, Sharda Circle, Dwarka Circle, Gayatri Nagar, Samta Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Datta Mandir, Nashik Road.

Feeder Bus Route

  • Mumbai Nakka via Garware to Satpur Colony (12 km)
  • Nashik station to Shivajinagar via Nandur Nakka (12 km)

Other Salient Features of Project

  • Connectivity: Two corridors are planned initially. Corridor one, Gangapur to Mumbai Naka, length 10 km and 10 stations. Corridor two, Gangapur to Nashik Road, length 22 km and 15 stations. CBS will be an interchange station where both the corridors meet.
  • Feeder Services: There will be two feeder corridors. Feeder corridor one will run between Satpur colony – Garware - Mumbai Naka. Feeder corridor two will run between Nashik Road – Nandur Naka – Shivaji Nagar.
  • Electric Bus features: The length of Electric Bus Coaches will be 25/18 meter and carrying capacity 200/300 passengers. The buses will have rubber-tyre and draw power from the overhead electric wire having 600-750 V DC supply. The buses will take power from overhead electric wire through railway/tram-like system.
  • Passenger Facility: The buses will be air-conditioned with an automatic door closing system, level boarding, comfortable seats, passenger announcement system, and passenger information system with an electronic display.
  • Stations Infrastructure: The stations will have a staircase, lift, and escalators with a passenger information display. The station entry and exit will be provided on both sides of the road to avoid road crossing by passengers.
  • Feeder Bus Routes: Feeder Bus (12 m) battery-powered will run on the existing road on the 2 feeder routes i.e (i) Mumbai Nakka via Garware to Satpur Colony (12 km) and (ii) Nashik station to Shivajinagar via Nandur Nakka (12 km). The feeder bus batteries will get charged while operating on the main corridors that will enable seamless travel with wider coverage. No separate charging facility will be required.
  • Energy-efficient & Environment-friendly system: Metro-Neo system is a UNIQUE concept being adopted for the 1st time in this country. It is comfortable, rapid, Energy efficient, less noisy (compare to diesel buses) and environment-friendly. The capacity of the main corridors will be 15000 PHPDT (Peak Hour Peak Direction Traffic). The system has been designed for headway (peak hour) 2 minutes i.e. a new service after every two minutes.
  • Project Cost & Funding Pattern: The total cost of the project is Rs 2100.6 crore. Govt. of Maharashtra, CIDCO and NMC share (Rs 552.19 crore) and Govt of India share (Rs 307.06+80.5 cr), total govt share Rs.939.3 crore and remaining Rs.1161.3 will be loan component.

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