India's first air-conditioned urban water taxi service launched in Mumbai

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India's first air-conditioned urban water taxi service launched in Mumbai

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): Lucknow-based shipping service provider Nayantara Shipping Pvt. Ltd. has commenced Country's first urban water taxi services in Mumbai on 7th February, 2023. State Port Minister Dada Bhuse inaugurated the first round of water taxis between South Mumbai to Navi Mumbai connecting Belapur to Gateway of India.

"This air-conditioned water taxi service by Nayantara Shipping Pvt Ltd will connect South Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. Now the Belapur-Gateway of India water taxi will save the time and money of the passengers", said Dada Bhuse.

"Water taxis will run from Gateway to Belapur from Monday to Friday i.e. five days a week. The total capacity of the boat is 200 passengers and passengers can travel both up and down. Along with this, the facility of the pass will also be provided to the working class," he added. 

According to plan, the urban water taxi service will be available five days a week i.e. from Monday to Friday, with an average capacity of 200 passengers. The one-way lower deck tickets will cost passengers Rs 250 while the upper deck is priced at Rs 350. 

Earlier in December 2021, the RoPax water taxi services were launched on 12 routes including from Domestic Cruise Terminal in Mumbai to Nerul, Belapur, Vashi, Airoli, Rewas, Karanja, Dharanmtar, Kanhoji Angre Island, and Thane. The water transport service saw one lakh passengers in the first 20 weeks of its launch beside the transportation of 20,000 vehicles.

The water taxi service started water transport services between Mumbai and Mandawa reduced the journey time from three hours to 45 minutes. 

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