Saffron reveal the details of HyperloopTT brand identity project

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Saffron reveal the details of HyperloopTT brand identity project

Madrid, Spain (Urban Transport News): For the first time, Saffron reveals the details of the brand identity project they carried out with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT). Saffron collaborated with HyperloopTT to evolve their new global brand. Building on HyperloopTT’s clear vision to move humanity forward by revolutionising mobility, the new brand is a key step in the company’s path to implementing the world’s first Hyperloop transport system.

Revealed in conjunction with the Great Lakes Feasibility Study in December 2019, today is the first time the brand has been explained in detail, including the methodology that led to the creation of a purpose-led design philosophy that will support the company’s growth in years to come. HyperloopTT’s brand reflects the company’s focus on humanising mobility and looking beyond their technological achievements to the transformational effect the system can have on people’s lives, giving them more time.

During the next phase in the company’s development, the brand will play a vital role in shaping public understanding of the system, whilst reflecting the credibility of the technology and the team building the transport system. The brand identity moves beyond tropes of speed which crowd the market. Instead, the brand assets employ a principle of ‘more’ to create a distinctive wordmark, iconic symbol and design toolkit that differentiates HyperloopTT from competitors, essential during this stage of their rapid progress. Gabor Schreier, Chief Creative Officer, Saffron:

Saffron was honoured to collaborate with HyperloopTT at this crucial stage in their progress. We are very excited to see the work come to life in the world's first HyperloopTT system.

Alfredo Fraile, Chief New Business Officer, Saffron, said:

It has been a real pleasure to work with the visionaries at HyperloopTT. For Saffron to be able to shape the brand of the company that are changing the future of how people get around, and changing the parameters of human possibility, is incredibly exciting and important.

The new brand identity is live across the world, from the company’s Innovation Centres in Toulouse and Los Angeles to the capsules and transportation systems being developed from the US to China. In July 2019, Saffron was appointed as the global strategic branding partner of HyperloopTT.

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