Train 18 is ready for speed test trials, leaves from ICF Chennai

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Train 18 is ready for speed test trials, leaves from ICF Chennai

Chennai (Urban Transport News): Train 18 which is considered the country's most modern and first semi-high speed train, has left for Integral Coach factory on Saturday morning for Delhi. This train is likely to reach Nagpur on Tuesdays. After reaching Delhi this train will be sent to Moradabad Division of Indian Railways. The Indian Railways has already marked 100 kilometers track for the speed trial test of this train between Moradabad and Saharanpur. This train is currently under the monitoring of the RDSO officials of Railways. These officers will test this train through modern machines and techniques.

Train 18 is the first train set made in the country under the 'Make in India' programme. No such trains are running in the country till now. Keeping in view, this train will be checked on every technical aspect. According to sources, there will be separate trials of this train in two separate parts of tracks of the country. First of all, this train will be fought between Moradabad and Saharanpur. During this trial, the speed of this train will not be very high.

The Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) team will check the brakes, speed on curves, load test etc. All these aspects will be examined after putting sandbags in the train. As it is said, train 18 will be the country's first semi-high speed train. This train can be run at a speed of up to 160 km per hour. Keeping this in view, there will be a speed trial test of this train on the track of Mathura after reaching from Delhi.

It is worth mentioning that the speed express is already being implemented on this device. The maximum speed will be up to 160 km per hour. On this route, it will be checked how train 18 responds at a faster pace. At the speed of 160, this car stops at the distance of the train when its break applies. After inspection of all these technical aspects, the train 18 will be sent for safety inspection of the Commissioner for Railway Safety (CRS).

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